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Here Is How To Set Up A Shopify Facebook Store and Start Selling Immediately

Are you facing a financial crisis, yet you want to sell online? In the 21st century, having an online shop is the secret to profitability. Whether you are a merchant or a retail entrepreneur, going virtual is not optional. While it sounds like a simple process, selling online requires one to invest some huge cash. You need a domain name, a reliable hosting, well-built and attractive website. As a newbie, raising capital to achieve this goal may be a hard tackle. Do you know you can set up a Facebook store with Shopify? This store helps you minimize your costs and start selling without many difficulties. If you are seeking to set up a Shopify Facebook Store, here are 3 steps to follow:

Create a Facebook page for your business

No doubt you are a Facebook user. Also, you are aware that you can create a page on Facebook. Creating a business Facebook page is the initial step. All you need is to visit the icon titled create a page. Then follow the steps to set up a page for your business. Upon this, ensure your page has at least 100 followers. Though it is not a requirement, it helps you to set your online selling journey on the right footage as you start your customer engagement from the first day. You can do this by inviting your peers and relatives to like the page.

Create a Shopify account under the Lite plan and integrate it with the Facebook page of your business

Upon having the page for your business on Facebook, the next thing you need to do is to create a Shopify account. To do this, you will visit the Shopify website and select the Lite plan for $9/month and fill the required business information. The plan is set aside for selling on social media.   After this, you need to integrate it with your Facebook page. You will need to select the Facebook icon and click on connect account. A pop up will come up requesting for permission to access your Facebook profile. Click continue and follow other steps. Also, you will need to accept terms and conditions as you can’t sell some products on Facebook.

Add your product and start selling

When done with the setup and integration process, the next thing is to add products to your store. All you will need is to click the add your first product link and upload what you are planning to offer. Upon this, you will be good to go.

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