Shopify Facebook Store

Reasons Why Success Oriented Webpreneurs Are Setting Up A Shopify Facebook Store

 Are you a success-oriented webpreneur? If so, you need to set up a Shopify Facebook Store. As the e-commerce sector grows, the number of online customers is harnessing. More people are moving from the brick and mortar store for virtual shops. Also, people are spending their time online chatting with friends and relatives.

One of the popular platforms where people engage with each other is Facebook. Since its conception, this platform has been experiencing exponential growth. New users are joining it each day. The statistics indicate that it has an approximate of 2 billion active users per month. But it is a social platform. Why should you start selling on Facebook with Shopify? Here are three reasons that make it a worthy idea:

Offers you an opportunity to increase your sales

In the modern marketplace, the general rule of making more sales is meeting the customers where they spend their time. Also, it is about giving customers a chance to purchase without interrupting their normal activities. This aspect is the ultimate goal of Shopify Facebook store. The store enables a customer to buy a product as they continue chatting with peers. Hence, by setting up such a store, you open your gates for more sales.

Best way to harness your brand awareness

One of the most difficult task for any entrepreneur is establishing a brand name. With it, you are sure of consistent sales. As you know, customers buy from the brands they know about and the ones they trust. As such, new businesses face challenges in trying to convince their target customers. With a Shopify Facebook Store, your brand establishment becomes an easy task. By setting up one, you gain access to all Facebook functionalities. Hence, you can market your brands through social indicators such as likes, shares, and promotions. Also, your customers can reach out to you through social chats and comments. This way you can inform them about your products and harness their loyalty and trust on your offers.

It is cost efficient

Operating a business at the least cost is the burning desire of every entrepreneur. You want to use fewer resources and lower costs to generate huge revenue. If this is you, selling on Facebook with Shopify is a good idea. The combination gives you an opportunity to reach out to 20% of US online shoppers for only $9/month. Hence, you can make high profits even when you are facing budgetary constraints.